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Cyd's yoga therapy was a powerful aid to my integration. The combination of a safe, loving space,  light physical touch, and neutral inquiry allowed me to clearly see the positive  messages and growth opportunities the medicine was showing me.   I left with tears of joy and a light heart.

-Client Testimonial

Services Offered by Infinite Yes

Our offerings are designed around three types of services for the community:
1) Community and Group Events
Private and Couple’s Sessions
Mentorships and Classes

Schedule private sessions by emailing directly.

Contact Cydney to schedule private sessions by email or use our contact form.

Thank you for the beautiful, what I would call an ascension project.

- Participant Testimonial

So grateful for our participants perspective.

“A community committed to creating safety so each of us can be vulnerable to uncover our blindspots and unhealed wounds. To release judgement of others and of ourselves. It is all possible by saying “YES” I am worthy, I am deserving, I make a difference, I am unconditional Love to all humanity by choosing to be in every moment. I Love you Cydney and Gummer, and the person you help me love and appreciate in the mirror each day.”

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If you have questions please reach out and we will be happy to get back to you with any information. Email us at:

This was a great place. The people … the sharing of care … I want to thank everyone. I feel so blessed to have come here. This place is much needed! I am so glad that it exists. Here I was able to face my problem and I could see that I wasn’t alone.

- Participant Testimonial

Thank you! With love - Cydney and Gummer

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