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Below are the YES programs that you can schedule.

Private and Couples’ Sessions

If you would like to work individually with Cydney, these session are specifically crafted to support the intention of the participant. You may feel hesitant or uncomfortable in a group or if you want Cydney’s undivided attention. She offers private sessions to individuals, couples and small intimate groups.

Sessions start at $1,200.


Cydney has been training people to support this work for many years. If you are interested in learning more please contact her to find out where you can start.

Community Healing

Each month we gather in community for group healing work. These events take place at the same location each time.

$375 per person per night for Community Healing Events.
We create volunteer opportunities, and offer financial aid to those who need help attending an event. We don’t like seeing finances hold back anyone who is truly interested in their healing.

Retreats and Celebrations

We enjoy having special events to give everyone more reasons to say YES in life. Find out more about our retreats and other yearly celebrations.

Life’s Best Yes, Sayulita Mexico $2,500 - $3,000.
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Prices depend on privacy requests and early reservation. Volunteer opportunities are available, email for options.

Continuing Guidance

Cydney loves helping everyone develop the new skills they learn in community. She is available for on going support, somatic sessions, or for integration.

$250 per hour for digital or in-person time.

Cydney schafft es immer wieder mir eine komplett andere Sichtweise auf ein aktuelles Problem von mir zu geben. Diese neue Sichtweise und Perspektive ermöglicht es mir den positiven Wert der Erfahrung zu sehen und dadurch wird aus einem „oh Nein“ ein „oh Ja“ und das ändert einfach alles.

(Cydney always manages to give me a completely different perspective on a current problem of mine. This new view and perspective allows me to see the positive value of the experience and it goes from 'oh no' to 'oh yes' and that just changes everything.)

-Berlin Participant Testimonial

Family Relationship Development

Many families benefit in different ways from help developing their relationships, understanding, and compassion for each other.

Personal Growth / Problem Resolution

There are a variety of ways this work helps people overcome issues they find to be their greatest hurdles in life.

Women’s Groups and Men’s Groups

We work diligently to create a safe and understanding space for everyone, However some of the work can open up even deeper in the space closed to one gender (this includes people who identify with the gender)

For this reason we also offer periodic Men-only and Women-only events. Participants often report that these are among their favorite journey experiences!

Helping others is why we’re here.

Use any of our resources in the way you see fit in your life.

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If you have questions please reach out and we will get back to you with any info you may need.

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Thank you! With love - Cydney and Gummer

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