“Thank you for opening the space for me and so many others to heal in such a profound way! Sending Love and Thankfulness to you and the work of the Infinite Yes!

“Cydney, that was a beautiful night and I never want to forget it. Cydney I have never met someone like you, so just present. there.attentive to the moment, grounded.  My wife only met you for a moment- she spent 10 minutes trying to describe a 5 second encounter. Anyway, love you much, thank you so much for being you.”

“I also wanted to tell you about my integration process. I don't think I've ever had a process like that.The yes is stronger than it's ever been. It's almost a little bit weird. I have managed to say no, to refuse and through conversations with Mira, the second night in Berlin came back to my mind, which is very present at the moment. I think I have only now really understood what you have done for me. Not only that night. I always thought I was grateful, but it is so much deeper now. You have sewn me back together piece by piece and I am so incredibly grateful to all of you and especially to you. I have an inner voice again and that's why I have to come, just as I see you in Mexico. You have given me the greatest birthday gift for my 30th birthday. You have given me me again and what Kanna can do, there are no words to describe it.”

You saved my life!


“How powerful to witness how energetically and emphatically you were and are connected with participants! Your strengthening, encouraging at many points. Your ability to keep the trainee field remote as well...very impressive!

But at this point I would like to thank you very explicitly and especially about your *personal* guidance during the last years!

I have learned a resilient way of dealing with PTSD! I have survived my deeply dark depression! You have contributed significantly to the fact that I love and appreciate myself today and am the wonderful person that I am. The fact that I can form my relationship with Sven so freely and lovingly today is also thanks to you.

And that was hard work! Ritual for ritual, training for training, message for message!Call for call! Trauma loop for loop. I don't know where you got the strength and love. I don't know how you could trust that this great commitment would prove to be healing! You believed in me! That I would make it, eventually!

Doctors save lives, lawyers save lives. Firefighters.

You saved mine!

You saved my heart and soul.

And along the way, You taught me how to pass that on to others.

So many unpaid hours of engagement and pure love I received! Gratitude is the source of my motivation. I want to be the light and hope to others, fearlessly and freely loving. All in! With all my heart, all my love. It is possible! It is possible for me. Thanks toYou!

And then I look around, knowing I am not an isolated case. So many souls and hearts to whom You give the same love and bring healing into the world with the same devotion. For years already! The light that comes through you into this world is bright and strong.”

“Thank you Cydney. Remember that my beloved Nubian Queen Mother came to me at your house. Much later after that I forgave my father for what he did to me and my mother. By doing that my Mother is at more at ease now because her baby boy has healed. I am convinced that by being at your home that night caused her to hear my cry for her. Thank you for that. Now I can be happy on earth before I leave here to be happy with her. Thank you again. All praises 🙏 and thanks be to Allah. Ameen.”

“I just completed the life yes retreat in Mexico and it was a profound transformational experience for me on every level of my being. The combination of the nature of this beautiful place with its breathtaking nature powers and the spirits. The power of the group of individuals with their unique contribution plus the excellent guidance by Cydney and the staff make the retreat so special.

I went on this retreat with my Son and nothing can compare to sharing this experience with him. I feel so grateful to offer this to him as his first experience and to witness him receive so deeply.

For me it was a life changing event which I am so glad I took the chance to participate besides all the doubt that emerged while I decided join.

Infinite YES”

“Beloved Mahatma Cydney, just arrived at home, We are so grateful for everything you opened for us: Development into deep spiritual, romantic Love again, living and alive relationship.”

"Beloved Mahatma Cydney, first of all I want to mention how deep my love for you is. And that I feel the need to communicate this even I know that you know. Just to remember what I choose to have in my life: unlimited love and light. Thank you for being my Mahatma, Lakshmi and lucifer, the bringer of light.

And so much more when I look at you as a dancing energy that opens the light in me."

"Dearest Cydney, just the opposite! What has gotten me through and will keep nourishing my soul is that night at your place! I am not trying to just make you feel good, it is not false hyperbole, I am being genuine and open. I want you to understand you have blessed me and my family’s life. My wife and I have bonded again, we hadn’t touched in bed for years, since Infinite Yes, we embrace and hold each other, give pleasure to each other every night. I have been able to just listen to my daughters and both have opened up with me some painful trauma my mental shit inflicted on them and they are expressing an anger towards me I didn’t know existed. My daughters and I have started scheduling dates to just be together, going to still water today for visit with Stella. Even just the memories from that night, fun quirky images in my mind keep popping up…The chronic depression, you know, the exacerbations still catch me off guard, the brain dysfunction, the IQ drops. The Aya message really fucked with me. Sorry i dumped it on you."

I love you

“As someone who was a little anxious to try something new, I can honestly say that the experience with Cyd was incredibly rejuvenating. I could feel my reservations melt away as we moved through our journey with my partner by my side. Through our session I could sense my struggles I had been working through largely seem to release from my body. While I still have a continued journey ahead of me, this was such a pivotal step in finding my footing again. It was powerful to share this transformation with my partner and to see her softness and light shine through as we healed together and made meaningful connections during our time. In this environment I felt loved, supported, reassured, and drawn closer to my partner. This was the experience my soul needed, and I am so thankful for Cyd and this moment my partner and I will remember forever.”

Private Session Participant

"My feeling is that many individual components lead to this change in feeling and perception. So it integrates itself I would say. With my help but also without me knowing if that makes any sense. The change in feeling started a few weeks ago. I said to a dear friend of mine that it’s the first time since years that I'm really looking forward to Christmas and all the food that it includes and looking forward to the little weight gain that’s probably (or not) going to happen because I feel like it would be a sign that I enjoy myself and I enjoy food and I finally quit restriction. Cydney is always capable to give me a completely different perspective on a current problem I have. And through this new perspective I can see the positive value this experience has for me. So a “Oh No”, turns into a, “Oh Yes“, and that makes all the difference."

German Participant

"Premièrement tu incarne si bien la bonté, la bienveillance, lajoie et la spontanéité. Un vrai réconfort pour moi.

Pendant le voyage avec kanna j'ai rencontré monenfant intérieur dans la joie et la complicité avec mes amies qui étaient présentes. Aussi la joie et la curiosité de découvrir le monde autour de moi etd'être ouvert à l'inconnu de chaque instant. J'ai également ressenti unegrande, longue et profonde détente si profonde qu'elle guérissait quelque choseen moi. Les jours et les semaines suivantes j'ai eu de nombreuses prises deconscience et de lâcher prise, qui continuent encore aujourd'hui. Cette séanceavec toi et kanna à clairement booster mon évolution vers la lumière. Immensegratitude et respect pour ce travail que tu proposes avec kanna."

French Quote

First of all, you embody kindness, benevolence, joy and spontaneity so well. A real comfort to me.

During the trip with kanna I met my inner child in joy and complicity with my friends who were present. Also the joy and curiosity to discover the world around me and to be open to the unknown at every moment. I also felt a big, long, deep relaxation so deep it was healing something inside of me. Over the next few days and weeks I had many realizations and letting go that continue to this day. This session with you and kanna clearly boosted my evolution towards the light. Immense gratitude and respect for this work that you propose with kanna.

English Translation

“The last Journey I did with Cyd I felt an eyeball in my womb open. Before the journey I felt a black dark energy there… in ceremony she pulled it right out of me.”

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