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Conversation with Val

Hear her story of rapid physical healing and transformation.

Val’s story of resilience

At the age of 20 years old Val was diagnosed with cancer.  The medical model was slowly killing her.  She had 5 surgeries and 600 hours of chemotherapy.  She asked her godmother to bring her to Infinite Yes.  This is a brief description of what happened on that life changing night.  Val has been cancer free ever since!

I feel blessed to know this inspiring woman and be part of her life’s journey!

Stories of the Infinite Yes with Kelly

His experience learning and growing during his time with Infinite Yes.

Kelly expanding into creativity

Kelly has been a participant for several years and has also done work in the men’s community. He shares about his latest journey an experience inspiring creativity and being held in community.

I love a participant who asks for homework. He has really used this work to look at himself and grow. I have a lot of admiration for the man he is and the work he does on himself.

He inspires humans to connect with nature and to love animals.  

Stories of the Infinite Yes with Antonia

Releasing the Past

I love Antonia’s Story

Antonia’s husband left her right before her 60th birthday for another woman he had been seeing privately for 5 years. This is a devastating moment for anyone but witnessing her transformation was very powerful. She comes to the community periodically, she is alway inspiring and grow’s happier thru all of life’s challenges.

She is currently hosting retreat’s in Greece. I hope you will join this wild woman as she supports others to find themselves.

Conversation with Sarah C

Her journey stepping into mentorship.

Sarah’s Story

Sarah was also a student and an apprentice of mine. She shares about her inspiration to do this work and some of our first experiences together. This story will touch those who are still in the stages of early mothering and the connection between a mother and a young child. I love this story because the Dalai Lama has said “the western women will change the world.”  This connection has had a very big ripple in the world. It is one of my passions to support women’s wisdom.

Conversation with Hannah

Healing the mother wound.


I met Hannah through my son and her and I made a close bond. Her partner at the time worked with my son and he lost his mom to cancer as well. They felt like part of our family. I watched Hannah struggle after her partner left Colorado and didn’t return.

I asked her to record her story right away because stepping in as a mother influence for her, I got to feel so much gratitude for our community and what a relief one journey can make for our loved ones!

Conversation with Katja

Healing her Birth Trauma

Katja’s Story

I met Katja at a community event and I shared with her about Infinite Yes, she immediately got a Yes and said “Can I come?”  She has a joyful spirit and She comes all the way from California to join us.  She has been with 5 times over the past 9 years.  I feel blessed to know her and share these soul revealing journey’s.

Thank you for your on-going love of the Infinite Yes.

Conversation with Greg

Hear him learn and grow in his relationship within Infinite Yes.


This is an excellent story for anyone who thinks this type of thing is not for them.  Greg couldn’t imagine coming with Laurel to the Infinite Yes for years.  Now he is so happy he did!

Laurel and Greg have had a soul connection for a decade but when it came to relationship it was an explosive nightmare.  With a little coaching and ground rules,  These two stepped into learning and growing together and Greg asked Laurel to Marry him just after the Life’s Best Yes retreat in 2023.

Working with couple is a true passion of mine. Greg has been one of my favorite people to work with, he takes notes and has really enjoyed the process. Thank you for finding your way to YES.

Conversation with Lisa

She went from no to YES!


Lisa grew up in a small town south of Berlin with a serious life threatening illness. Her story reveals what happens when you stop being strong and ask for help.

She grew to hear her inner voice and connect more deeply with her body and her truth. She travelled all the way to the US for the first time to support the continued growth of Infinite Yes.  She also came with us to Mexico this year! She is ready to organize a Life’s Best Yes Retreat in Portugal!

Thank you for all your love and YES! reach out to Lisa if you would like more info about Portugal  

Conversation with Jaya

Coming out of the dark.


Jaya started coming to us in 2019, during the darkest time in her life. When her 15 year marriage ended and the business they built together faced challenges, she felt shut down and had trouble trusting people. She was grateful to sit down and revisit some of the powerful and life changing moment she had with us. She loves living in Paonia, Colorado, with her amazing new partner. She is building her coaching practice working to help people regain their own center and joy.

Conversation with Alicia and Bella

Coming into their own.

Alicia and Bella

These two sister's came all the way from Byron Bay Australia. This is just one of the stories of the transformation that happened while they were here. They intertwine their story by sharing their experience with us.  The first night they came as a family and Alicia watched her sister Bella’s life long struggle of talking to strangers and in a group setting transform before her very eyes.  Listening to her enthusiasm as she share this story is truly moving.  She is a lighthearted articulate young woman with so much to say.  I love being with them and love that they flew all the way back for more.  I  hope they will sure more stories with us.

Conversation with Meike

Meike from Germany and her experience.


Meike has been a participant in the Berlin community and has brought most of her family to do this work with us. She is so dedicated to the work and listening to the call of her own magic.  She and her husband spent most of their marriage feeling disconnected from each other. Here she tell about their first Journey together.  He has since joined her in training and in Mexico. This story is beginning their reunion of heart and soul.  

Conversation with Erika

Erika worked through her trauma and stepped into her healing gift


Erika has had a long powerful journey with Infinite Yes. She is an amazing women who has transformed herself into a powerful medicine woman.  It inspires me what this woman has overcome from her childhood and how deeply she is to walking this path of YES. She is willing to face her own shadow and find more ways to bring her love to every participants.  I loved her the first time we met - so many years ago.

Conversation with Ulrike

Ulrike made a prayer and it was answered, she found healing, love and adventure.


This is one of my favorite stories. This woman made a prayer for life to change and the next day received an Invitation to the Infinite Yes. She went from feeling all alone to feeling more alive then ever.  I experience her as courageous adventurous and strong. A wild woman with a passion for life. She has published a witty and painful book for women going through loss in relationship… I think she is considering a new book. One for the wild women bringing forth their power for the benefit of others in the name of the collective.  

Conversation with Lilli

Lilli share’s about her experience with the Unity while it is still fresh


This is a great story-  We recorded it just hours after integration.  This is a first of its kind in that regard.  It is very pure and clear.  I have heard from our listeners that they enjoy a very descriptive account of an actual journey.  I couldn’t be more grateful for Lilli’s yes to record her experience in the moment for all of you.

Conversation with Alexander

Mastering Energy


Alexander was working in the ER during the pandemic.  He attributes his confidence in the shield he was able to create with the COVID virus to his work with us.  He is an amazing member of the community in Berlin.  He has been to Mexico and Golden.  He is in love with someone he met in this community.  I am so grateful that he stepped into share his story of with all of you.

Conversation with Lotus

Prayers come true!


A sweet story about the power of prayer and connection. Thank you Lotus for your reflections of the Infinite Yes.

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