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In 2015, Cydney created a safe and nurturing environment to work with entheogens for healing, growth, and inspiration. The intention is to encourage human evolution and potential by witnessing and supporting one another. Entirely through word of mouth, the Infinite Yes community has grown to host gatherings throughout the US and abroad.

What sets Infinite Yes apart is Cydney’s diverse background in anthropology, midwifery, phoenix rising yoga therapy, and ritual arts. She has had many trainings in herbalism, neuroscience, yoga, and energy medicine.  As well as all the wisdom from the plant teachers and people she has been in ceremony with from all over the world. In 2021 Alex Gummer stepped into the role of male space holder of the YES and brings a powerful new energy.

Cydney has developed the work and offering over time, and in 2018 began training others. At present there are two trainees holding an ongoing men’s group in Colorado, as well as two couples serving the YES in Berlin,  and others in training in Berlin. There are others who have used my training to do related work all over the world.

As we step forward into the next decade of this work,  it is our aim to support our collective evolution. We hear the call to encourage participants to step into the Infinite to connect to our humanity, our connection to one another, for the well being of all.

Cydney, that was a beautiful night and I never want to forget it. I have never met someone like you, just so present, there, attentive to the moment, and grounded. Thank you so much for being you.

  • Participant Testimonial

Somatic Healing therapist

Cydney is an intuitive and skillful yoga therapist, She has worked with thousands of people, guiding them into awareness and release. She has cultivated her ability to sense the stored emotions and memories in a body. Developing mastery in this field, she is able to bring it with her into ceremony.

Cydney is available to do Somatic Healing sessions upon request; before/after ceremony or in an independent session.

trauma-informed somatic work

For the first time in about 10 years I no longer have a “voice”. I don't know how familiar you are with PTSD and the hateful “voice“ it gives you, but I am noticing that for the first time in about 10-15 years, I don't have a “voice” anymore.  
- Private session testimonial

What makes Cydney uniquely qualified


Cydney has been a somatic therapist with a specialty in PTSD work for 15 years. She has worked closely with clients who have suffered sexual abuse, childhood abuse, addiction and depression, as well as with first responders, people in treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses.

There are many reasons people come and do this work. While many find the group field very supportive to their process, some clients prefer to do this work in a more intimate setting. Cydney, offers a lot of private and couple’s sessions so that people can have her focused support for the entirety of their journey.

One of Cydney’s specialities is private sessions for couples. She says: “It is a privilege to support people to hold space for their relationship as they learn to be more open and compassionate with one another.”

AND YES! ... Infinite Yes is available to come to your location and we can create an event just for your own group of friends and family. Ask us about our private group rates.

It is very powerful to journey with our beloveds, simply for deeper connection, curiosity, or fun!

הודיה אהובה 💖 גרמת לי להזיל דמעות של אושר וביכלל איפשרת לי להיפתח לעצמי ללב העדין והמעודן בעצם פתחת את הדלת לאלוהים שבי והוא מודה לך על כך 😘

Beloved Thanksgiving 💖 You made me shed tears of happiness and in general you allowed me to open up to myself to the delicate and refined heart you actually opened the door to God in me and he thanks you for that 😘

- Participant from Israel Testimonial

Cydney - written by Gummer

I met Cydney while she was in training in this work. One day she gave me a yoga therapy session as an exchange for some help that I offered her. I was very impressed with how tuned and talented she was with guiding somatic release and really touching the soul. I have watched her do magic and create healing with hundreds of people. I admire the way the community respects her and the way she tends to her relationships. Cydney is a great mother and she takes care of everyone around her. Her joy and playfulness inspire others to see the lighter side of life.

Gummer - Written by Cydney

I met Gummer almost 10 years ago. He is solid, empathetic, careful, and directed. Gummer lives his life in the Infinite Yes… with incredible acuity on a bike, sail boat and skis, he always pushes himself to be the best person he can be.  Gummer participated in Infinite Yes events since the start, when his father died in 2018,  he brought his grief with him and did beautiful work with us in community. He also brought his mother to hold space for her as well, during that time. There is so much I could say about Alex and how we grew to be each other’s biggest fans, and partners. Gummer is fearless, kind, brilliant and creative. He is a graphic designer with his own business and is the Partner, Designer, and Producer of The CCI Black Book: A proven roadmap to cannabis cultivation mastery.

Contact Info

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Art by Edica Pacha

Pacha supported Infinite Yes during a journey to Israel. This picture was taken right outside the Old City of Jerusalem. The image is of Cydney’s hand and a rose given to her by the artist Daniel Frank, who painted the rooms in Golden.  Daniel Frank is the founding father of Infinite Yes.  His contributions live on in the heart of the YES. Most of the images on the site were created by Edica Pacha.

Pacha creates large scale photographic murals using a unique ‘layered in camera’ photographic style that explores the mystical and mysterious sides of the feminine. She is interested in creating opportunities for ‘humans to be seen’ and their vulnerabilities to be shared.

First of all, you embody kindness and benevolence, joy and spontaneity so well – a real comfort to me. During this trip with Kanna, I met my inner child in joy. Together with my friends who were present, with joy and curiosity I discovered the world around me and learned to be open to the unknown at every moment. I also felt a big, long, deep relaxation – so deep it was healing something inside of me. Over the next few days and weeks, I had many realizations and a letting go that continues to this day. The session with you and Kanna clearly boosted my evolution towards the light. Immense gratitude and respect for this work.

- Participant  in Cologne, Germany

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We schedule our annual retreat in Sayulita, Mexico to coincide with Day of the Dead Celebrations. This is a highly transformative experience for all participants.

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Thank you! With love - Cydney and Gummer

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