Before coming please read:

**Key information if you plan to join us**
We work in tandem with doctors to meet your needs if you are currently using any medications to manage your well-being. It is very important to disclose all health concerns, medications or supplements you use, so we can best serve your needs.

If you would like to pay digitally please use either option below:
Paypal: | Venmo: @Cydney-Fodeman

Group Healing Events

As many cultures have done throughout time, we gather monthly to use plants for healing, inspiration and to listen deeply. In this modern practice we are using gentle but potent activators in 4 categories: Heart, Body, Spirit and Mind. We are a community that holds each other well, and keeps a sacred context. The practice is spacious, lighthearted, flexible and unique.

Cost is $375 per night.

Dates sent out in our monthly email.

Let us know if this puts you out of range from participating with us
so we can find a way for you to do so. Volunteer / work-study opportunities are available.

Thank you for your support and LOVE, and for contributing all the ways you can and do:

Bringing Friends and Family, Creating Delicious Food to Share, Sharing your stories with others and on our Facebook Group

If you would like to contribute to our scholarship fund or sponsor a participant, please use the details below and share your intention with us.

To reserve your spot or send payments please do so using one of the options listed below:
Paypal: | Venmo: @Cydney-Fodeman

What to bring to the gathering:

Address of our gathering space in Golden, CO is provided upon registration.

  • Time - Arrive at or before 6 p.m. on the night. Integration is the following morning and we intend to start by 10 a.m.
    Please plan to be here until 12 p.m. the following day. Integration is an important aspect and all are required to participate.

  • Food - Please nourish your body, mind, and spirit throughout the day prior and in appropriate ways leading up to the event.

  • On the day of - eat lightly and stop eating before 2pm.

  • What to bring - If you’re inspired to bring a food contribution… YES Please do so!

  • Soup, breakfast, homemade baked goods or anything else for the morning after are always welcome. Please inform Cydney if you plan to bring a contribution.

  • You may also wish to bring altar items, sleeping gear, toiletries, earplugs or anything that will make you feel comfortable overnight.

  • Please let us know ahead of time - If you have any allergies, injuries, or are taking any pharmaceuticals, so we can be well-prepared to help meet your needs for the night.

Special Group Gatherings

We can provide guidelines for anyone wishing to convene their own group at the location of their choosing.

Premièrement tu incarne si bien la bonté, la bienveillance, la joie et la spontanéité. Un vrai réconfort pour moi.
Pendant le voyage avec kanna j'ai rencontré mon enfant intérieur dans la joie et la complicité avec mes amies qui étaient présentes. Aussi la joie et la curiosité de découvrir le monde autour de moi et d'être ouvert à l'inconnu de chaque instant. J'ai également ressenti une grande, longue et profonde détente si profonde qu'elle guérissait quelque chose en moi. Les jours et les semaines suivantes j'ai eu de nombreuses prises de conscience et de lâcher prise, qui continuent encore aujourd'hui. Cette séance avec toi et kanna à clairement booster mon évolution vers la lumière. Immense gratitude et respect pour ce travail que tu proposes avec kanna. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🙏

-French Participant Testimonial

Women’s Groups

Women’s groups are deep and powerful experiences in a loving container.

Men’s Groups

Many men find it to be a very different and deepening experience to be supported by a circle of brothers.

Family and Friends Gathering

We can create a group for your chosen circle.

Build your own groups

If you would like to create your own group experience,
we can accommodate you most anywhere you are located.

Participants have found this to be a great experience. There are many ways people have created a space that works for them, whether to bring in an intimate group they are familiar with, to lead a group to gain experience, or to be there to support those in their communities.

Email to discuss details and numbers necessary to make a successful event, or to schedule a private session.

Email us at: or Send contact form

...your patience, presence and strength were inspirations of what I can achieve, and the kind of relationship / partnership I can someday share. I love each and every one of you and honor you in return.

-Participant Testimonial

Private Sessions

Schedule a private session today.
Reach out for options and rates.

Couple’s Session

A transformative gift for you, your partner and your relationship.
Reach out for options and rates.

Community Healing

Join one of our community healing events.
Standard event rate with possible volunteer opportunities.

Struggling with PTSD?

I have specialized sessions for individuals with PTSD. Please reach out for details.

Thank you! With love - Cydney and Gummer

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