Life’s Best Yes Retreat

A Day of the Dead Celebration: October 31st-Nov 5th 2024

Reserve your spot with a $500 deposit.
If you would like to reserve your spot, use one of the payment options listed below:

Life’s Best Yes Retreat Information

Fly into Puerto Vallarta and share a taxi directly to Palapa Ganesh. We will organize shared transportation for people according to their arrival times.

We will enjoy two nights of Journey, our own private beach in the jungle, Day of the Dead celebrations and the transformative intention to find more YES in our lives moving forward. We have an extra day for more time to experience the richness of this cultural celebration, and support time for community integration.

Meals, journeys, and accommodations are included in the price. (airfare not included)

“I showed up in Mexico less than a week after hearing about the retreat. I had never met Cydney or anyone else in the group, and I had never done a ‘journey’. I honestly had no idea what to expect, nor was I convinced that the experience was going to change anything. But after almost 4 years of living with debilitating PTSD, extreme trauma, depression, and shame, I had reached a point of hopelessness…which I knew was a dangerous place to be.

As an introvert, I was extremely anxious about doing a journey in a group setting. But Cydney was amazing, creating a safe space and cultivating a group dynamic that was kind, nurturing, and supportive – where we could each honor our individual needs and connect with others when we were ready. And the location felt like paradise – with full access to a private beach and plenty of places to relax alone or with others in the group. I haven't felt that at peace and relaxed in years.

I still can’t fully articulate the transformation that happened during the retreat – which is still unfolding weeks later. But there has definitely been a profound shift in the way I think, feel, and behave. I feel playful and energetic again, which felt physically impossible before the retreat. And, I feel hopeful again – excited about what’s happening right now and what is to come.

I encourage anyone, wherever you are in your journey, to go and experience the magic of Infinite Yes.”

-Female Participant  for our Spring Retreat 2019

Retreat to Sayulita, Mexico

Life’s Best Yes, our annual retreat to Sayulita, Mexico, takes place during the Day of the Dead Celebrations. Our retreat is held at Palapa Ganesh, a stunning beachside palapa we have been coming to for many years; down a beautiful jungle road a few miles from the town.

Reserve your Spot

Reserve your spot early to get your requested space, and to get the best deals and flight options available.

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This retreat is a life-changing experience and has been a huge inspiration for our participants.
This year’s retreat is: Oct.31-Nov. 5th 2024

Email to reserve your space:
Price varies for level of privacy. $2,500 - $3,000

Reserve your spot with a $500 deposit.

If you would like to reserve your spot, use one of the payment options listed below:
Paypal:  |  Venmo: @Cydney-Fodeman

What can I say my YES has returned!

These 5 days have fundamentally changed my life”

I feel like I have resolved my deepest trauma. I have a completely new sense of my body, so liberated. I’ve been able to let go of old feelings of guilt.  It’s incredible.  I have such a desire to step in the world and live.  Cyd, you were right. Thank YOU!  Also Thank you Shaela, Gummer and my loyal companions for all their love.  It is the greatest gift ever.”  Female participant age 31

“What an Experience.  Guarded by the plants and wisdom and love of the women around me I got in cosmic spiritual contact with my female ancestors.  I felt their hard lives, their losses, their pains.  It was really deep feeling all this and at the same time, feeling safe and guarded and held by the women around me.  I felt the ancestors didn’t want me to feel pain, rather share their lives with me.  They wanted me to have permission to live life fully.  I have the easiest life of all of them and I will honor this gift everyday.  I will live with gratefullness and JOY to honor my ancestors.”

Female participant from age 66

“My experience with your presence for the process, the energy you give so often, the profound humor and ease you share so generously make me endlessly happy.  The men/women circle was the best preparation for letting go of so much old thinking. Breaking co dependent patterns.  My new American Friend’s who allow me to see them, their inner soul and essence changing and deepening my relationship to my own perception.  Finding us on the same level of compassion and awareness.  The greatest laughter since decades, releasing the rest of the residue from my brain and pain in my body.  I deeply want to thank Gummer who’s taking care for us was unbelievable.  The energy and respect and self-compassion for his own process was a lightened role-model for me.  Love the universe, love the ocean. my wife, my family and friends new and old and the light in me and in other beings”

Male participant 60

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Thank you! With love - Cydney and Gummer

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